Inceptor provides customers with private investigative services to resolve various domestic issues that many unfortunate people face. We have highly trained detectives using extensive technology to go investigate and discover the truth of the matter. These issues are becoming more and more prevalent as people get less and less honest with each other, so it is important that these problems be dealt with.

    In addition, we have consultation services to give good advice and counsel to those who are experiencing great difficulties and are unsure of what action to take. We will not turn away cases that appear to be trivial as they may actually have underlying importance. We can help heal broken relationships within the family.

    We cater to people in the age group ranging from 30 to 50 years, as they are more likely to encounter  these problems.  We offer customizable prices depending on the case that we are given with. We will be available in several offices distributed in selected districts. We are one of the few people in this market.

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